Dec 20, 2005

A little more nostalgia

I'm not going to be writing too much about Nursing and medical stuff for a bit. Simply because I'm out of school and all the medico-babble in my head is temporarily on vacation.

In other news:

Yesterday, Ari and I had our annual Christmas cookie get together at Jenni's. I made Buckeyes (peanut butter balls in chocolate), Church windows (marshmallows in chocolate), and Christmas wreaths (cornflakes in green marshmallows). If anyone wants a recipe, let me know. I've got these practically memorized. Jenni made gingerbread cookies and the traditional cut-out sugar cookies to decorate. My mom used to make these and more every year when I was a kid. It's a past time I want to continue with Ari, which is why me and Jen started our cookie party tradition.

Ari decorating cookies
We exchanged gifts and Jenni got me a blast from the past. Remember in the 80s when Swatch watches were a big thing? She got me one! Do you remember those gaudy rubber swatch guards? In the 80's I had a pink one (which was used from a friend) and I wore purple and yellow swatch guards on it. They've much improved, this one's really nice. I love the butterflies. I'm glad the guards aren't real big right now, they weren't pretty.

I'm wearing glasses now. Reading ones anyway. I've actually have had reading glasses since junior high school, but I'm bad about wearing them. Just very mild far-sightedness with an irregular astigmatism. I recently had a check up and picked up some retro looking frames this time. My eyes have worsened with age I'm afraid. I like these frames and they look good on my model as well.

My little intellectual

Mike would have hated these, he hated these type of glasses. Reminded him of some old preschool teacher who was mean to him. They were too cute to resist though...had to get them.


At 14:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your blog from my friends and ended up reading yours longer !!! she won't like that so say nothing ok :-)
looks like you have christmas as sorted, wish I was. I've just spent 3hrs after work fighting through crowds in Edinburgh, Scotland in the cold - 28 there HA we get that in the summer if we are lucky.
I'm divorced and won't see my 2 kids until 26th Dec but still have to pretend Santa visited. Spent over £600 ($1100 ?)on them so far.
Anyway good to see you have a purpose & I'll save your URL to look in now and again.
MERRY CHRISTMAS & have a fantastic Hogmany (New Year)we celebrate that more in Scotland.

At 14:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think the Swatch is what inspired Ari's black & fuscia cookies? LOL She is so creative and has no problem going her own way!
P.S. I found some Polly Pocket bits in my couch last night!

At 15:45, Blogger Jo said...

Hi Kenny,
Don't know whose site sent you here but I thank her for doing it. Thanks for the visit! I dream of visiting Scotland one married last name is Scottish and I want to see the castle named for my late husband's ancestor.

We'll get together soon for the polly pocket pieces, but I won't be too disappointed if they were "lost". ;)

At 07:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though Xmas is past, I want that Christmas cookie recipe for the wreath cookies when you get a chance. I love cornflakes and marshmellows! (How do you make the marshmellows green?)

At 18:40, Blogger Jo said...

Food coloring! WW- I left it on your site but in case anyone else was interested, here it is. I may make some into shamrocks in March!

Christmas Wreaths (or shamrocks)

6 cups of cornflakes
1 10 oz pkge of marshmellows
green food coloring
2 sticks of butter
Red hot candies (cinnimon decors)-optional

Melt butter in pot first and spread around. Then add marshmellowd. Melt together over med-low heat then add the cornflakes. Take off heat and add drops of green food coloring until desired shade of green is achieved. Let cool for just a few minutes and spray your hands with pam or oil. Shape mix into wreath shapes and place on wax paper or parchment. Add red hots for holly berry look. Let cool on counter or better yet in the fridge.


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