Dec 8, 2005

Snow (sleet) day

Same kinda day last year

Yay Mother Nature!
I'm home today, despite my instructor's insistence to go to the hospital, because of icy roads.
I woke up, usual time at 4:45am. I turned on the news and heard the news about the ice, conditions not improving, wrecks. By 5:30 there were 3 wrecks reported on my route to the hospital. I called one of my classmates, she had talked to 3 others and they were all going to brave it. (none of those she talked to had kids or lived in my area ) My instructor told us not to page her until 6 am, so I page her twice, she calls me back at 6:30. I tell her that at that time school was delayed 2 hours. She says "Do what you can, but most are coming in by 8 am"
By 7 am, The city cancelled school all together so there was no one to watch Ari all day, so I paged my instructor again and told her. Her initial response " Isn't there anyone in your neighborhood, who can watch her?" (Nevermind the horrible travel conditions)
Um, there are only 2 people I know and trust on my street in the pseudo-ghetto and that's Cathy, who happens to be on a cruise in the Caribbean right now and Andrea's mom next door, who told me she has to work later today.
What did she expect me to do? Start knocking on doors until someone I barely knew can agree to watch my kid?
I wish I could say, "Listen, Lady, There's a reason the schools closed today and although it was honorable that you risked a wreck to get to the hospital today, I will not risk my child, my life, and my only source of transportation to get to the very last day of clinicals, which was only a half a day anyway!"
I looked on the Board of Nursing examiners website and I am well over the required clinical hours because I haven't missed a day. I know those who have may have been at risk because there was only a 8 hour overage so they were the ones who absolutely had to come today.
My instructor's final response, "Well if you can't make it, you can't make it" I could tell she was mad. I asked if I needed to come in tomorrow and she said no.
I just heard on the news that there have been over 100 car accidents in the central Texas area since the sleet started falling yesterday. Am I being too paranoid?
I'm more just angry that I'm being made to feel guilty for staying home today.

How do you like the site's new look? Thanks to a tip from Nurse2be I figured out how to paste the header and I had already figured out how to change the colors. Is it too bright? Can you tell my favorite color is blue?


At 08:35, Blogger Andrew said...

Your instructor's response was just plain ridiculous. You responded very well.

At 12:51, Blogger HypnoKitten said...

Congrats for winning NBOTM for November! Please email me at neverlost_seattle(at) to get your fabulous trophy! :)

At 04:11, Blogger Kim said...

I've had managers that sounded just like your instructor.

My motto: no guilt. Your priorities were sound and you made the right decision.

At 06:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would assume the instructor has no children of her own or she might be a little more understanding.

I like the new look. I love the blue! :)

At 05:28, Blogger WI Catholic said...

In the medical/dental field, there are many anal types as a friend of mine says often.

You made the right decision, and IMHO as one who has BEEN there twice as an adult returning student raising kids alone...she should be the one feeling guilty. If you had enough hours, you did better than most.

Ari needs you safe, just as she needs to be safe.

And there is no way that in this day and age, I would trust my children with anyone that I did not know WELL.


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