Aug 18, 2005

Bad Tardy Mommy!

Ari's second day of school and guess what I did....I slept in! I set the alarm last night but must have forgotten to turn it to auto, it didn't go off. I was however surprised and pleased with myself AND Ari for getting her there so quickly. Ari woke me up at 8:45, I threw off the covers, grabbed Ari's clothes and told her to get dressed, I got dressed while Ari did, Ran a brush through mine and Ari's hair...(It really is necessity, my hair is very much like Bride of Frankenstein meets Hiroshima in the mornings) and ran out the door. We were walking into her class at 9 am sharp, she only missed a half an hour. Her teacher was concerned but not upset and I found out it doesn't count as a tardy until after 10 am.
I still felt really guilty.
I recorded scrubs tonight, so I'm off to watch it...awesome show. I'm really, really peeved it isn't on
NBC's fall schedule.(Revelations too...I was getting into that one and it was a huge cliff hanger!) It better not be cancelled.


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