Aug 17, 2005

Mama, stop talking !

Well, Ari's a big school girl now. Her first day of pre-K was today. It was supposed to be yesterday but paperwork was not filed, someone in admin. has no brain, and the school has idiotic policies. So she started a day later then everyone else.
I remember when I started kindergarten. I cried. Not throwing myself at the door, attaching myself to my mother's leg crying...Just got a little scared and teary. So when I went to drop off Ari this morning I saw the same scenario in a couple of other kids. But not in my Ari. Ari went up to Mrs. Menn, gave her a hug, asked to use the computer ( Yes, they have computers in pre-k!) with some other little girl and started ignoring me. I chatted with teacher for a few, asked Ari for a hug, said I was leaving and she said " Ok...see ya!" (Don't let the door hit ya on .....)
I'm so glad I've raised a confident, social, sweet child....But at least a frown or two couldn't have hurt. lol. She at least acted like she missed me when I picked her up.
On the way home I'm interrogating her with a ton of questions about her day which she gave one word responses to. By the time we pulled out of the parking lot, she said "Mama, Stop talking!".
That shut me up and I realized that this day was a way bigger deal for me then it ever was for her. Ah well, I at least took pictures.


At 16:42, Blogger Abel Keogh said...

Thanks for your email. I appreciate the comments. On my first day of kindergarten, I was so scared I refused to go in the room. It took an hour for my mom to convince me that I was going to be OK.

At 15:53, Blogger Jo said...

Thanks for reading Abel! Your kindergarten story sounds like my preschool story...only I stood at the door screming for my mom for an hour. I was better once kindergarten came around.


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