Aug 13, 2005

School and Movie

Ari and I went to a "Back to school BBQ" parent's night at her new school. She starts Pre-K on Tuesday. I am so thankful she gets to go, since we fall under the income bracket...There is afterall a big bonus to being a poor struggling Nursing student. We met her teacher, a Mrs. Menn. She was so sweet, Ari and her hugged when they first met, she seems very sweet and compassionate.
She told me she's been teaching pre-k, Kindergarten, and 1st grade for over 30 years. I'm very optimistic about Ari's 1st year.
Ari's spending the weekend with Mom this weekend. I just finished cleaning my house and decided earlier to have a last minute garage sale tomorrow. I had already piled and organized all I wanted to sell weeks ago. All I had to do was run to the store and pick up labels and a sign. I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight, I want to be out there at 5:30 getting ready. People around here show up too damn early and they were waiting for us at the curb last time at 6am!
tomorrow night I plan to see a movie with my Garage sale money...Maybe Charlie and the chocolate factory or the Skeleton Key.
On the subject of Horror movies, I'm really into Japanese horror lately. I saw The Eye last year at a friend's request and liked it. Then of course there was Ringu and Ju-on. There's one coming out called Premonition that looks really good. I saw Infection this week which had high suspense but some pretty bad acting and I didn't quite GET the ending. It was worth the rental though.


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