Jul 9, 2005

EKGs and London

Now that school's over until Aug 30. (Longer summer then usual..It's weird) I get to work whenever possible to fill in the time. Last week I had a 2 day 16 hour EKG class for work. They are turning the unit next to us into a sort of ICU so they want the option of floating us on our unit over there. I was surprised to find out some of the older nurses had no idea how to read EKGs. Apparently some nursing schools haven't worked that into their curriculum until recently. I must say it's kinda fun reading those wavy lines and figuring out what's going on. I know, I'm an odd one.
I'm upset about the London bombings. Please think about those people, it sounds like they were lucky to have such low casualties, so many more could've died. When I got to class Thurs, My annoying instructor had to gall to say she didn't believe it was terrorists. She said she thought it was a few bad protestors. I think SOME people are in some sort of denial about terrorism....like the politicians made them up.
My house is trashed, so my plan today is to clean and maybe get to the garage eventually. My garage is a mess of unspeakable measure. Wish me luck and hope I don't get lost in there.


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