Jun 18, 2005

Zoo trip and school

Today, Ari and I took a much needed break and went to the Zoo. It's a small zoo, with mostly rescued and rehab animals but it has quite a variety and is currently growing in size. We had a good time. There's a pic of Ari and a Bengal Tiger below. Ari's favorites were the Tigers and snakes. I liked the marmosets. We were there a few hours, took the train ride, and it is officially 98 degrees right now. I'm exhausted!
School's almost over for awhile. I've finished all my extra projects for my Pyschiatric nursing course. I finished my care plan last night, attended a court committal hearing, went to an AA meeting. All interesting stuff. The only thing left to do now is 2 more clinical days and a final. I made a 98, 93, and an 83 on the 3 tests. I need to make a 93 on the final for an A, a 63 on it for a B in the class.
After, I work for the remainder of the summer, and hopefully get in some R & R.
You can check out Ari's site for more zoo pics,the link is to the left, email me for the password.


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