Jul 27, 2005

Moody Gardens

Sorry it's been awhile since I've last blogged. I've been busy. I've been working a lot. I read the latest Harry Potter, which was really good by the way. If your a fan and plan to read it, I'll give you a little spoiler....Don't get too attached to one of the primary characters. Although in the magical world of Harry Potter, nothing is final and I think JK Rowling will bring the character back somehow.
Ari and I are going to Galveston tomorrow to meet my in laws at Moody Gardens. I'm actually looking forward to this mini vacation. They have an aquarium, beach, rainforest, and a discovery museum. We're staying at the big fancy hotel, so it should be a blast.
I need a vacation, although I wish we could spend it with someone other then my elderly former in-laws. I've been working a lot, getting in what I can before school starts. The hospital's been incredibly busy, full beds every day. The patients I've had (A full 16 each day) have been high acuity. Acuity means they have a lot of care needs. A lot of them needed assistance, a lot of labs and bedpans. I drew 5 blood draws today and 2 of them were blood cultures. (Blood cultures are more time consuming and a more sterile procedure). It's weird because usually the summers are less busy for us.
I mentioned school starting...I also meant Ari. She's going to Pre-Kindergarten! She starts on Aug 16th. I'm so excited for her. She's excited too. I can't believe she's going to school already. It'll be really good for her, learning more and in a structured environment. She'll really be ready for Kindergarten when it starts next year. I did have to rack my brain and make a dozens calls to find a place who can take Ari at 06:30 in the AM and then take her to school at 8:30. It'll only be a couple days a week when I'm at clinicals.
Busy year ahead!


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