Apr 29, 2005

Edie RIP

Had to put my oldest cat down yesterday. We've had Edie (See last pics below)since 1997 when she followed me home from our apt's laundry room. She was an adult cat and so sweet. It was January and I couldn't bear to leave her out in the cold, so we took her in. Her favorite thing to do was to chase around balled up paper. If you balled any paper to throw away she would come running. She also used to bug me when I was trying to sleep. She slept next to me and would head-butt my hand until I scratched her head. Mike used to call that Edie-scratchins.
The past week she was throwing up non-stop, even water. I also noticed her hind legs seemed painful to her and she favored them. Cathy was cool enough to take her in for me, I couldn't do it. Cathy told me later the doc found multiple tumors in her intestines. So it seems she probably had intestinal Cancer. She was around 16 years old, according to DR estimates. Mom's going to bury her out on her land.
Mom was going to be taking Ari off my hands today but it appears Ari has developed Strep throat. Her buddy Brandon had it last Tues, so it's very likely. We are about to leave for the MD here in a few and then it's non-stop studying for me for the rest of the weekend. Final on Monday....Maybe I should ask the MD for a preventive Rx for me. Wish me luck!


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