Apr 24, 2005

Dillo RIP

I forgot to mention earlier I received word that Dillo, the ginormus pill bug (Pictured below) has passed away. It appears that even an animal expert like Cathy and her boyfriend Michael were unable to care for it like it needed to be. They apparently eat weird, hard to find things and it starved to death in captivity. Poor Dillo.

On the plus side, Ari did end up getting 3 baby goldfish for her birthday. Cathy dipped a small cup in the fishy nursery and pulled her out a small, med, and large sized Goldfish. So perfect for the little girl OBSESSED with having a mommy, daddy, and baby of everything now has just that with her Goldfish. She has named them Marlin, Dory, and Nemo. I'm happy to report they are doing well and I'm quite amazed at just how quickly they are growing.


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