Apr 23, 2005

End of semester

YAY!!!! Clinicals are officially over for this semester! It's not like I hated clinicals, it's just all the paperwork- homework and the free labor the hospitals get out of us that I'm not going to miss. Next week, I have 2 lectures, a community project day, and 2 tests in community nursing. The following Monday, the 2 nd I have my big final. My last clinical week went well, with 3 patients and that went smoothly. I really feel like I can really do this for real for the first time. Not to mention, The days flew by so fast since I was so busy. I understand now how nurse's can work a 12 hour shift without noticing or getting bored.
So I really need to buckle down on studying. I made a 76 :( on my last test which means I need to make an 80 on the final to keep the B.
I'm not sure what happened on the last test. The wording of the questions confused me, and I did challenge one question, I could've challenged 3-4 questions but I thought that would be overkill.
I'm just so happy this semester's almost over and I just have a year left. I start my mental health clinicals on May 23rd. It runs until the last week in June. This'll make my 3rd semester in the fall a lot easier. With 3 days a week in school for 10 weeks, and 2 days a week for 5 weeks. I'll probably be able to work more in the fall and maybe bring in a little extra money.
Speaking of money, I've had some trouble with that lately. I can't seem to stop living paycheck to paycheck and if anything extra comes up, ie. Birthdays, car trouble, tuition, etc. I go into the red. It'll be nice when I graduate and start making a lot more money.
My mission this summer when I'm out of a school for 2 months is to work as much as possible to catch up.

Movie update: Go see Finding Neverland. It was really good and Johnny Depp was astounding. Don't bother seeing The Ring two, dissappointing and not as good as the first.
Next on my list to see in the theater is :
Sin City and the amityville horror.
The Phanton of the opera is out on May 3rd on DVD, I'll be buying that one.


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