Feb 1, 2005

Allergy to not smoking

I know, I know, I just don't update this site enough. Let's see...I am taking my first test today. It's over fluid & electrolytes, intraoperative nursing, eye& ear disorders and IV fluids. It's a toughy........wish me luck! It seems like this semester started months ago but we are just now in our 4th week.
I've been on welbutrin since the first of the month to help me quit smoking. It was really working except come Friday I broke out in hives and they lasted until I stopped taking my dose. So I'm doing it on my own now. I've been able to hold back and haven't bought any smokes yet. However, I have relapsed and bummed a few here and there. Maybe after I get rid of this test anxiety I can stop bumming too.
I did learn a few new skills last week. I started my first IV, Learned all about those silly IV machines, and got to play around with a patient's Jujostomy tube. I'll keep ya updated on all my new adventures!
Well, It's early and I have to bundle Ari up and head out.


At 18:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jodi,

I have no excuse for not keeping in touch with you and Ari. I have never been that great of a friend, I do however think of you two often. I am glad to hear you guy's are doing well and, very suprised yet happy to hear your quiting the cigs. I am truely sorry to hear about your Bobo !! I would love to see you and Ari if you can find it in your heart to forgive my unexcusable abbsence. I belive you know who this is, so...... give a call I know mom would love to hear from you.



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