Oct 23, 2004

The Grudge

I saw The Grudge last night. I would defrinitely have to list this one as one of the most Creepy, Disturbing, and Spooky movies I've seen. It rivals The Exorcist as my top scariest. Also, It definitely has a high startle and jump factor. If you like movies that have creepy imagery like I do, this has it. I've heard some bad and good reviews on it. I think the bad ones are those who go in with a closed mind. To be freaked out by movies like this you really have to go in and really "get" into the movie. It was awesome I thought....don't see it alone at night though...you'll never get to sleep afterwards. I got home last night during a big thunderstorm and watched Will and Grace and the Apprentice to get my mind off of it.
I'm looking forward to finding the japanese version, Ju-on.


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