Oct 19, 2004

Final, Halloween, Vote

I know I haven't posted in awhile, sorry. It's been really insane lately. That and if I post too often than this blog would get even more boring than it already is!
School's been going well. I made a B in my first 8 week course "Foundations in Nursing". It's my first B since my Math class 2 years ago when I first went back. It's all because of the really sucky final we had last week. Some students left crying...Most of us A students ended up with a rare C or D on the test. I would say about 50% of the test was material we never covered or was phrased so badly it was hard to tell which was the answer. I originally made a D but with the bad grades the instructors went through it again and threw 5 questions out...So I ended up with a C. I needed an A to make an A in the class though with it being 40% of our grade. Oh well...I should be happy with my B and I'm ranked 25th in my class thus far. (25 out of 60 isn't too shabby is it?)
I started my new 8 week class yesterday. "Concepts of adult health" It's a Medical-surgical based class. We learned to insert Foley catheters today. (we practice on dummys)
Ari's getting excited about Halloween. She gets to dress up in her Jessie the cowgirl outfit next week for Gymnastics so I imagine I'll have a hard time getting her to take it off after. She's already talking about what she's supposed to do when she knocks on someone's door..."Twick o tweat!"
One more thing before I go. I just wanted to mention that I voted yesterday and I want to encourage everyone to go out and vote this year.
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