Dec 26, 2004

Christmas appreciation

Happy Holidays everyone!
Ari had a great Christmas. Santa brought her a bike and dozens of other toys, she's been having a blast with them. Our Christmas was pretty low key. My sister came over and we spent Christmas eve over at Cathy's. Christmas morning Ari let us sleep til 11 and we then got up and watched Ari with her gifts.
All in all, it's kind of a relief once Christmas is over for me. I always miss Mike around the holidays so the more drawn out they are, the worse it gets.
I'm looking forward to school starting on the 10th so I can get back into a routine again.
I need to learn to appreciate more what I have in life. I am so fortunate that I have Ari, she's the best little girl a mom could ask for. I'm so lucky that I have the means to go to school full time and despite it's difficulties I'm passing. I'm very lucky I have so many close friends who are supportive and without them I couldn't survive.
I'm glad my mom's staying strong despite my stepdad's illness and Bobo's passing. I'm even glad that my sister's relationship with her boyfriend is growing stronger. I don't want to take for granted that we have a roof over our heads, food in the cabinets, and so many luxuries that so many others don't.
Didn't mean to get so serious here, I just need to count my blessings every now and then. :)


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