Dec 2, 2004


My grandmother passed away this morning. Bobo was the only grandmother I ever knew. My dad's mom died when I was a teen and I had only met her like 3 times in my lifetime. Bobo and I got to spend some time together when I was young. My dad who was in the Navy was always "out to sea". When he was gone my mom would drive us kids up to Ohio to stay with my grandparents. Bobo took me to get my ears pierced when I was 7 or 8. I remember it being my decision and she was so excited for me. She bought me ruby stones (my birthstones)for my first earrings. I believe that was the same summer she saved me from drowning in her pool when I became too brave and did too many laps on a dare from the neighbor kid.If you're wondering why I call her Bobo, I can't tell you. The names Bobo and Poppy were dubbed by me when I was 2 and it stuck. Even my grandfather called her Bobo. I was told this morning that Bobo/Mother was to be engraved on her Urn.
We'll miss her.
Anna Mae Kaiser
Her Obituary


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