Nov 30, 2004

Tests and Final eek!

Sorry it's been awhile folks It's been crazy.
I spent a few days in Longview with the outlaws, ahem....I mean inlaws. They have the best intentions but they drive me insane and they are incredibly boring to visit. I got a lot of studying done.
I have my 4th test of the semester tomorrow and I'm actually not stressing about it. I've figured out that by where my grades stand now, all I need to make on the Final next week is a 58 to pass with a C. Better yet a 78 to pass with a B. What really does suck about it though is the way their grading system is with the Final being 40% of your course grade, making an A is near impossible. Only 1 person in the whole class made an A on the last final and she admits it was just lucky guessing. I have an 88% average now, I'm 18th out of 60 and I would have to make a 98 on the final to make an A in the class. Does that make sense? I guess since all that matters now is passing, Gpa doesn't really matter to anyone but me anymore. It's still frustrating though.
I had my last skills check off today over Tracheostomies. I passed with compliments but I had to reprogram my brain to unlearn what I have done in the past with Traches and relearn the ACC way.
Oh and if you see me anytime soon, don't say anything about my hair. Me and a bottle of home hair dye had a disagreement on Saturday and my hair is now too short and a bizarre shade of strawberry blonde.


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