Jan 11, 2005

Nursing school part deux

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long. The holiday break really flew by for me. I am however glad to be back in a routine everyday. Our Christmas was good. Ari loved her new bike from Santa and made out like a bandit on the "My little pony's"
I loved them too when I was a kid.
School started for me yesterday. It's been a bit overwhelming the last 2 days but I think this semester will be, in general, more laid back than last semester. All the instructors seem really nice, the material is familiar, and we are in school/clinical 4 days a week instead of 5. We have our first clinical on Thursday, already! On Friday I'll have my own patient for an entire shift. By the end of this semester, there will be nothing in the clinical setting I can't do except blood transfusions. We learn IVs this semester and I already have a head's up on that by already being trained to draw blood. IVs are just a few steps more. I'm optimistic about this semester.
On a health note, I really am trying to quit smoking again. My asthma is really bad, my doc has me on 3 different meds for it. I asked her for Wellbutrin and started it last week(Expensive since insurance refuses to pay for it!). I hope it helps!


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