Oct 9, 2004

Palm Pilot

I've received an early Christmas present! A PDA (personal digital asst). It's really cool! I was getting frustrated at the hospital because I would see a med I didn't know and didn't have the means to look it up. I could bring my gigantic, enormous paper guide but 2 of my classmates have had theirs stolen already. They are supposed to keep some up there but you can never find one. Last week my instructor caught a med side effect before I did.
I am writing in orange today for the longhorns. It's funny really, in High school I was an Aggie fan (UT's in-state rival) only because I was very involved in 4-H and we did all of our major functions through A&M. My programs in 4-H were rabbits, record book-health,demonstrations, crafts, and dogs. I think I held an office one year but I can't remember what it was....I think it was something under-the-radar like historian. I showed my black English angora named Noui. His claim to fame was winning 4th in the Houston livestock show and rodeo. It kept me out of trouble. Anyway, I still wouldn't mind seeing UT kick OU's ass today. The score is now OU3, UT O in the 2nd quarter. Come'on Horns, Hook 'em!


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