Oct 4, 2004

Thumb better

My Thumb is much better. I went to my doctor today. She drained (exsanguainated) the blood by rotating a syringe needle into it at 2 different spots. By the time I got home I did a third hole to drain a pocket she had missed. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, and felt much better afterward. I think I'll be Ok at clinicals Thursdays. I was mostly worried about that. Clinicals have been going well. I have had nice patients and this coming week we actually start giving meds! I'll really start feeling more nursey then. I've had a hard time keeping myself from slipping into CA mode. I have to keep reminding myself at clinical that I am not a CA and I actually have more responsibility.
Last week we focused on Physical assessments and PERSON databases. PERSON is an anachronism that covers every aspect of the body and mind of the patient. It stands for Psychosocial, Elimination, Rest/Regulation, Safety, Oxygenation, and Nutrition. We take tidbits of data from the patient and organize it into the PERSON database and Voila! you have a big painted picture of the patient. It's overwhelming if you think about it.
Gotta study some more...


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