Oct 3, 2004

New email...new blog

I have a new email address. If you haven't gotten an email from me yet about it, then post a comment here and I'll send you one. Because I mailed it out in mass form...a lot of people's spam filters got it. I'm having a stressful time lately. It's good and bad really. Stress can make me more organized, productive, and definitely cause me to lose weight.(7 lbs so far in the last 4 weeks) It still wears on me. I've been irritable a lot more lately and have caught myself snapping at Ari a couple of times, so that's not good. My grandma, (Bobo) is not doing well at all. She's been fighting a losing battle with Cancer and we are not sure she'll even make it to Christmas. I had planned to go visit her in Florida but when I called to ask when a good time would be she talked me out of it. She says she doesn't want us kids to see her this sick and remember her like she used to be. I was worried about having the money to visit and attend her funeral so she sorta fixed that dilemma for me. I worry about Poppy too. They've been married 50 years, I don't know how he'll function without her.
School's getting to me too...It's just a lot of work and I need to organize it in my head. I'm doing fine on my grades it's just a lot studying just to get a B much less an A. Also dealing with financial troubles thanks to the VA and their slow processing.
I slammed the car door on my thumb Friday night and my whole thumbnail is blue. It hurts pretty bad and this typing is no fun without it. I have a feeling I may end up seeing my doc this week and they'll probably have to drill through the nail to relieve the pressure. That's gonna suck!
Anyway....this is a bummer of a 2nd entry. I'll try and be funny or perky in my next one.


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