Sep 11, 2007

Patriot day- 6 years

I went back a year and read again my post from last year paying tribute to one man lost at the WTC on 9/11. It's one of my better posts and I thought I would repost it remember.

From 9/11/2006:

When I volunteered to write with 2996 on Sept 11, I had no idea how difficult it would be. I researched my assigned person, Gregory T. Spagnoletti for weeks. I found out a little bit about this man who suffered a terrible fate when the World Trade Center was attacked and collapsed in NY city.

I think the best way to pay tribute to him is to share with you what I found out.

He had a great smile.

His friends called him "Greg" or "Spags".

He worked for Keefe, Bruyette, and Woods as a Bond Salesman.

He was the 3rd Brother of Four.

They were all big hockey Fans.

He organized hockey games at Chelsea Piers.

Out of the 4 Brothers, he was called the "responsible" one.

He was known for dropping in to have coffee with his tailor.

He was engaged to be married to Gretchen Zurn.

They had just fixed up their new Apartment on West 72nd st, and he was very proud of it. His family said it would take him 45 minutes to give you the tour of all 1200 sq. feet.

His parents started the Gregory T. Spagnoletti Memorial Foundation. You can donate to it by sending to:
Gregory T. Spagnoletti Memorial Foundation

62 Wolff Street
Waterbury, CT 06708

But the biggest thing I found out about Greg was that this man was definitely loved. He is definitely missed.

He like all Americans had no idea as he got up and went to work 5 years ago that America was going to change that day. He had no idea that those 2 towers, which have represented the NYC skyline for 30 years, could ever possibly be brought down by terrorists. Those Towers would become his tomb. He was on the 89th floor of the South Tower when it went down. It took officials almost 2 years to identify some remains and return them to his family for burial.

Five years ago I can say I was thinking about you as I watch the towers collapse on TV. But mostly I was thinking about Gretchen and the future she had lost with you. I was thinking about the children she would never have with you. I knew you were in a better place but I knew all too well the horrible place your loved ones were in. I prayed that God be with them on that day. I want you to know that America won't forget what happened what happened to you and 2995 other innocent people.

To my readers,

Please visit 2996 to find links to 2996 bloggers who have paid tributes to the victims of 9/11.


At 20:45, Blogger volleemom said...

I just saw your posting about Gregory Spagnoletti. Although I cant say why thank you for letting me get to know him a little better.


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