Nov 16, 2007

H.R. 4138

The kiddo is home sick today with a stomach bug. So I thought I would take some time to blog, seeing as I have not had the chance in the past few weeks.
My friend Beth over at PixelRN called my attention to a bill in congress that could be a really good thing for the Healthcare industry.
H. R. 4138 is sitting in congress and if it passes, it could enable the Nursing Staff in Hospitals across the country to determine staffing for their very own units.
I hate to sound cynical but I see Hospitals finding some loophole to get around it if it passes. (i.e. Like hiring one RN to oversee staffing and pressuring that RN to staff scarcely) However, whether it passes or not, it still calls attention to the biggest problem with hospital nursing and could save lives by preventing mistakes, med errors, and give nurses the opportunity to do more of what they do best....caring.
Staffing was part of the reason I left Hospital Nursing. I simply just couldn't do the whole being responsible for 6 patients when more then 3 of them were total care. It's not safe. Nurses burn out.
Hospitals don't seem to get that if they staff well, they lose fewer nurses, therefore saving them money in the long run that they spend on orientation and training.
I hope this Bill passes. But even if it doesn't, it's mere existence is a step in the right direction.