Sep 3, 2007


I've decided since I won't be writing about anonymous patients anymore that it would be generally safe to post pictures of me here.

This pic is from a happy time...we were young, healthy (way thinner), and happy. 1995... Just about to get married so that the Air Force would ship me where ever he was stationed. Which turned out to be right next door in icky, yucky, smelly Shreveport,LA.

It'll be 6 years since he died...tomorrow. I still think about him everyday.


At 14:54, Blogger Jenni said...

We miss him, too. Mostly, though I miss seeing what kind of father he would have been and watching him grow into the man he wasn't sure he could become. It's unbearably sad that he died with so much potential and unable to ever see himself the way you did.

I remember the day that picture was taken and all the hope and happiness you were both full of. No matter what else happens you will always know that the fact that the two of you listened to your hearts instead of your friends and family gave you the time you did have together and the beautiful and precious Ari!


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