Nov 3, 2006

Holidays can suck

Daphne from Scooby doo

Ari designed this Jack o' Lantern

With Halloween and everything I've been busy. I had a visit from Daphne from Scooby doo. I was Velma. It was fun.

Work has had me busier then ever. I'm running from the moment I get my patient assignments to the moment I report off and then some.

In the past 2 weeks I discharged 7 patients total. We have a new protocol that requires us to give Flu and Pneumococcal vaccines before D/C to any patient with a chronic disease or over a certain age. (That's all of them)

I gave about 14 vaccinations in 2 weeks. I say "about" because I gave some of them to my nursing students. Before these past 2 weeks I had only given one intramuscular school.

Talk about breaking in a new skill.

I'm an expert at Deltoid (Arm) and vastus lateralis (thigh) injection sites now.

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention

What would be really nice is if my hospital with get off it's derriere and get it's employees the flu shot.

"There's not enough right now" they say. And I'm feeling a little flu-ish today.

I'm loyal to my charity hospital system because I think it's better then the other money grubbing hospital system here. However, their health benefits really suck.....and they get suckier every year.

Their holiday pay sucks. I will have to work Thanksgiving this year and I won't even get time and a half for it. (Only Christmas day, Easter Sunday, New Year's Day and Labor Day (!) ) are holidays.

It's bad enough I have to find sitters for the school holidays surrounding the holidays but I won't even get to offset that cost with time and 1/2. I'm still looking at possible clinic jobs.....for when my residency is over.


At 16:46, Blogger Smurf said...

Great pictures! I am sorry you won't get pay and a half for working Thanksgiving.

At 11:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm actually pretty lucky this year in that I got the holiday schedule I asked for. I do have to work Christmas day (nights) and New Years Eve and Day (nights) but I don't mind...

Our hospital has been all about getting us our flu shots this year. I got mine 3 weeks ago, and we get an email every other day asking if we got it yet, and telling us when we can get it next. I haven't heard of any shortages this year...

At 07:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree - super pictures. Think of this -- some patients will have a great Thanksgiving with you as their nurse!


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