Oct 1, 2006



While I was out of town I was tagged by Janet at Chocolate and Raspberries.
Tricky Woman!

I'm supposed to list 7 favorite songs.

1. "Silent all these years" by Tori Amos ~ Will always remind me of Jenni asking me to sing it acapella at lunch in High School.

2. "Love Song" by the Cure~ Reminds me of Mike

3. "Down so long" by Jewel ~ My favorite song to sing

4. "Movin out" by Billy Joel ~ Reminds me of being silly with my sister

5. "Turn me on" by Norah Jones~ speaks for itself

6. "Pump it up" by Elvis Costello ~Makes me tap my feet

7. "I alone" by Live- That man's voice is so sexy

I tag the first 7 peeps on my blog link list, unless you've already done it.


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