Oct 1, 2006

NY and back to work

Well, I put off blogging for a week because I wanted to get some good pics. My friends haven't gotten them to me yet so I'll just show you these.

Central Park

The American Museum of Natural History

Polar Bear in the Bronx Zoo

I had a good time on my trip. NY is not a relaxing city. It was stressful combating crowds, figuring out directions. I yearned for the friendly atmosphere and slower pace of Texas. Above all, I missed my baby girl.

It surprised me how many New Yorkers mentioned Ground Zero and asked if we'd seen the "WTC site" yet. 3 NYers told us their stories.

I met Rupert Jee from David Letterman. Nice Guy. I went in to buy a Tshirt for a friend of mine who's a fan. He was working the register.

Rupert Jee at Hello Deli

The highlight of my trip was seeing a Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera. It gave me goosebumps and made me cry.


Back to work this week it seems so much more chaotic and busy. Sicker then usual patients. Every bed full. We also seemed more understaffed.

I sat with and held the hand of a Bipolar patient with Kidney issues who didn't want to be discharged last week.
She allegedly had left an abusive husband just previous to her admission and according to her, had no place to go.
I talked with the MDs and the social worker. They had been unable to get her into a women's shelter and it seemed to me that they didn't quite believe her abuse story. I, too had my doubts about her story but I did believe she had no place to go.
I was the one who told her she was being discharged, her mood did a 360 degree turn. I sat and tried to convince her that staying at the Salvation Army would be better then going back to her spouse. When I left, she was still going back.....I hope she'll be Ok.

Listening to: "I want to want you" by Juliana Hatfield


At 17:49, Blogger Unemployed Nurse Jack said...

Welcome home. I love your photos. Never been to NYC myself but can't wait to do it someday. How did A. do without you?

At 11:47, Blogger Jo said...

She did OK. She cried everytime I called her which was everynight as promised. I won't be taking another trip without her again. I missed her too much by day 3.
Maybe next time, WE are heading to Florida!


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