Oct 10, 2006

Danger in the hospital

Hospital Shooting last year

Ironic, I just read
When a patient threatens to shoot you from Emergiblog yesterday.
Then Today, we had a similar incident.

An Agressive, non-compliant, and very ill patient with agressive, non-compliant, and very mentally ill family member.

We ask disruptive family member to leave, they leave saying, I quote, "I will come back and GET you all"

This wasn't my patient, but the whole floor knew of the disruptions and trouble with this patient.
We called security immediately, they posted a guy on the door.

It's sad when we live in a day in age where we have to be scared of people when they say things like that. The nurse actually told me she was scared that person was going to come back with a gun. I can attest to that nurse being nothing but patient with this patient and family.
There's only so much abuse the staff was willing to put up with.

We are in the business of caring, yet some people still don't see it that way.


At 00:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

even sadder still is that our normal reaction to these threats is to treat the symptoms instead of the cause. that armed guard is not going to make that patient any healthier, whether they come back or not.....

At 22:28, Blogger Jo said...

Hey Jimmy,
The Guard was to protect us and the patient. It was the family member who threatened us AND the patient.
Same person also said "We were all in for a big surprise"

We Had to post a guard at the door.

BTW, Family member hasn't been back and the patient has been more cooperative. I think there was a correlation.

At 10:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes, you just have to say, "If you want to leave, then leave." of course, they wouldn't get their Morphine shots in that circumstance.


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