Sep 17, 2006

"Start Spreading the news...."

"......I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it,
New York, New York"

Well actually I'm leaving tomorrow.
I can't be more excited....and nervous. It's been a couple of years since I've flown. It's been...never.... Since I've been apart from Ari for more then 2 days. I'll blog about my adventures and post pics after I get back on the 24th.

My sister, Jamie and her love Marcus (I call them Jamicus) got married yesterday. Congrats to them! Aren't they cute?

Do we look alike?

(Yeah...she's way cuter then me in this picture!)


I also want you bloggers out there to have this link:

Bluebird Blogs

A contest to get a new design for your blog!

Happy Trails!

Listening to:
"Elsewhere" by Sarah McLachlan


At 12:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have always wanted to visit NYC. have fun!


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