Aug 14, 2006

Et Tu Brute?

Still going well at the major screw ups yet. ;)

I had one of those days today.
Ya know...the ones where everything goes down at once?

I will preface this with reminding you that I worked as an Nurse Aide aka Clinical Asst. aka Patient Care Technician for 2 years. I worked as a Unit Clerk for 1. I liked being an aide. I took pride in my job....enjoyed helping the nurses.

Most meds at our hospital are given at 0900 or sometimes 0800 if needed before a meal.
I started the day with only 4 patients which means I get the first admit of the day. The first admit from the ER came up to the floor at 0830. We have a one hour window to give meds on time or they are flagged (In the computer) as overdue. Which means my 0900 meds are due by 1000 or they turn bright red in on our MAR (Medicine assignment record).

At that same time, I had a Cardiac enzyme blood draw on a 98 yr old women at exactly 0800. and another set due by 1000 on another patient.

I also had one of my cardiac monitored patients (I had 3) go into SVT while the other 2 went on the fritz and needed new batteries, leads, etc.

I also had insulin coverage to give before breakfast at 0830.

All I needed from my aide (one I've worked with the whole 3 years I've worked there) was to weigh my new admit, get a set of vital signs, and orient him to the call light, TV, etc.

She was" too busy". Et tu, Brute?

My Lazy LVN "partner" decided to not do anything today so I was also getting flagged down by her patients as I passed their rooms for pain meds.

The charge....whom I love and was indeed helpful to me when my 98 yr old lady's IV blew for the 5th time...he started a new one on her....which she pulled out later. He was busy also helping Lazy LVN with her patients.

Is it too late to consider clinic work?

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At 23:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sucky thing about working the floor. That and you never seem to have enough time off to do anything intersting. Even two days off in a row is basically just a day and a half. If you want to go out of town, no way you are leaving after working a 12-hr shift.

Don't forget chart checks, regular assessments, signing the care plan 10X, and education documentation for the five patients. Argh!

At 14:49, Blogger Janet said...

Wow! What a day! I haven't worked as a staff nurse in a hospital in 20 years. Now I remember why.

At 17:48, Blogger Intelinurse said...

reading this makes me so nervous...they do teach you how to juggle in nursing school right?

At 17:16, Blogger Jo said...

Yeah they do...Prioritization and delegation is a big part of the NCLEX...the closer you get to graduating the more you learn about who gets cared for when.
Apparently I'm notseasoned enough to delegate yet though.

At 07:38, Blogger Unemployed Nurse Jack said...

Feeling my anxiety level rising just reading this...

Although you're busy, you sound like you're doing wonderfully. I'm sure they love you.

At 17:47, Blogger overactive-imagination said...

Maybe your "aide" that you used to work with(in a different capacity) is jealous that you went back to school and she now has to help you. That's waht it sounds like to me besides pure laziness.
I hope things lighten are scaring me. :o)

At 12:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that is why I understand when nurses can't take patients at change of shift.

The ER admit should have gone to someone else...

You could always work in the ER! : )

And there is no way in heck that I could ever do med/surg or CSU/telemetry today.

That was one unbelievable shift.

At 07:16, Blogger Deacon Barry said...

Working in a clinic is production line work. Take a history, do a procedure. Same thing, day in day out, for months on end. Every day merges into the one before. You have a much more interesting life on a ward.


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