Jul 27, 2006

Roller Coaster

Today was a Roller Coaster. I took 5 patients. That went smoothly...it took me forever to finish my charting but I got it done and was still out of there on time.

It started off low:

Me...half asleep, grumpy, listening to our "Voice mail" reports.
One started out like this:
" Yeah, um, this is _____, calling report for the guy in room ###. He's got some ......uh.....Liver Problems..and some.....uh.....Lung problems. He might have a PICC line but I'm not sure. Yeah, and he's uh, taking Vicodin for Pain."*End of Report*
Really....no joke...this was almost word for word.
This particular nurse on nights scares the beJesus outta me. Seriously....I don't want to follow her because her laziness and incompetence might cause something to go wrong on my shift after she leaves. I hear she's had numerous complaints from patients and staff but the boss hasn't done anything about it yet.

Then the day went High:

Man, I was busy....5 patients....2 were total care with an ORTHO (Broken Hip and Femur)thrown in (We are not an Ortho floor and I know nothing about traction!) But I did good....missed my lunch....but I did good.


My Daughter's babysitter (Late hubby's cousin) told me she could not watch Ari when I go to NY in September. (I can't tell you how hard it was for me not to start crying at that point) I thought she was my last hope....read on for more.

Another Low:

Charge Nurse calls me on my way home to ask me if 2 meds were given at 1400 to one of my patients. I tell him I didn't know about the meds, no I didn't given them and apologized profusely.


I get home and look at my Med list (I still make them...habit from clinicals) Those meds weren't ordered on my shift......so I call him back and tell him. Apparently they were new orders written about the time my shift ended so I didn't see the order and couldn't have missed those meds! Charge RN kinda teases me for being silly about worrying about it. (But it was my first real day to prove myself!)

Another...Extreme....Mountainous high:

My last ditch effort. I call my friend....the one who watched Ari for me all those years in RN school. She agreed to watch Ari for me for the NYC trip!
She's now my Hero.

(Also just found out my sister-in-law....my late hubby's sister, whom I've never met, is moving to NY next week. I hope I can finally meet her there!)

So now I'm feeling a little queasy-exhausted from my roller coaster ride.Watch me pass out early tonight....since I don't actually have to be anywhere tomorrow.

Listening to:
AM Radio: Coast to Coast with George Noory (These People are nuts!)


At 12:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Giving a report is harder than it looks. At my place of employment, we give report face to face. you can have all of the information that you think the succeeding nurse needs, and then she asks a question that throws you for a loop i.e. something about the patho or history. Makes you think on your feet. I think it just takes practice as my old nails preceptor is never fazed by these inquiries.

At 14:20, Blogger Jo said...

I'll be the first to admit I am not that great yet at giving reports.
I tend to say "Um" way to many times to think of the next thing to say. However, you gotta admit that this nurse's report of "Lung and Liver problems" was just plain awful.
And how can she not be sure if he had a PICC or not? (He didn't by the way)

It is hard to get used to.

At 15:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

True Jo. That report is awful, and unacceptable.

Glad I'm not alone. My reports aren't that great either.


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