Feb 13, 2006

Graduate Nursitis

There's a new ailment going around....It's called Graduate Nursitis. It's kind of like Senoritis only with less partying, but it carries a lot of similarities. I thought I would take this opportunity to educate. Symptoms include:

*Procrastination-Hallmark sign
*Being easily distracted from studies for long periods of time
*Pounding headaches at the sight of a nursing textbook
*Doodling pictures (non medical ones) instead of making notecards
*Deciding the day before a test that it would be a great time to catch up on all the phone calls you need to make
*Intermixing studying with games of Mahjong (and others) at www.pogo.com
*Designating stuff like laundry and dish washing at a higher priority then studying
*Tachycardia/ anxiety about graduation followed by the later signs of
indifference and a general feeling of hopelessness and loss of control

Diagnostic tests:
Based on symptoms
Labs: Possible decreased Iron, Protein, and Albumin from forgetting to eat
Upon examination:

*Hair may look "frazzled"
*Marked increase in "worry" lines on forehead
*Fingernails may look chewed down to the quicks
*Suborbital edema may be present

* Graduation and passing the NCLEX
*At least 2 week therapeutic vacation to a tropical island or other location of patient's choosing.
*More then 5 hours of sleep a night
* Sex (controversial)

Yes, I am a Graduate Nursitis sufferer, this past weekend my symptoms had exacerbated.

I made an 86 on my test today....not too bad but could've done better.

Is it May yet?


My Word Cloud. I gotta get the t-shirt.


At 08:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slipping a valentine into your mailbox.......Happy V Day! (((Jodi)))

At 10:47, Blogger Unemployed Nurse Jack said...

I have been lurking for a few months - found your blog on nurseblogs. You amaze me.

I am starting nursing school in June and can't believe I'll ever be saying "I"m almost done." August '07 for me.

Thanks for sharing your journey.
Signed, A fellow mom and soon-to-be nursing student

At 17:51, Blogger Jo said...

Thanks WW Happy V Day to you too. (I still hate the holiday but don't begrudge anyone else) :)

Thanks for lurking and for commenting, good to see a fellow Austinite, You're about to start a 13 month program? Good for you! Let me know if you have any questions or just need to vent. :)

At 08:28, Blogger Andrew said...

Another freakin' brilliant post, dear. Good luck in the next few months. I know you can do it. You've come this far; come a little farther, as they said in Shawshank Redemption (which I'm sure you've seen, right?). And I just had to chuckle at the "sex" treatment! Zing!

At 06:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, you are funny! Not much longer now, just keep telling yourself that!!

At 18:03, Blogger Unknown said...

It will be May before you know it!! Congrats ahead of time. I too am suffering the same but I have a little over a year to go before I finish my FNP.. Can't wait!!

At 15:01, Blogger The new Third Degree Nurse said...

Hi Jodi,

This little junior here is just now getting to read your blog. Too funny!

Hang in there; my senior pals are going through the same thing. We juniors suffered hard last semester (as you will recall)!


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