Jan 25, 2006

Semester 4, Day 1

I spent my first day of my last semester on the Ortho/Neuro floor. We were told we would be assigned to a nurse and that we should pick one from her assignments that would have "the most going on." What she meant by that was to find one to practice our skills such as picking the patient with a central line and a foley versus the guy who can walk, talk, and will probably be going home soon.

So I did, I had a hard time listening to report (we use a voice mail system) and it kept cutting out and the night nurse had a very thick accent which made her hard to understand. I had to listen to same report 3 times to sort of get the gist. Well turns out despite my patient's issues with not eating, being cachetic, and having a gastric tube, today's patient was pretty easy. On the floor at 7, assessment completed by 7:30, Meds done by 8:30 (all morning meds) and Bath and linen change done by 9:30. From then on I think I was harassing my patient with my frequent visits and my constant "Are you doing OK, need anything?" questions.

I went to my classmates down the hall, asked if they needed any help, I think they were afraid to ask but they looked busier then I. I went to my primary Nurse asked her if she needed any help. She let me follow for a bit and help with some small tasks with her other patients. Overall, too laid back of a day. It made me feel guilty in our post conference meeting when I heard how busy everyone else was. Why was I so bored?

Luckily we increase to 2 patients tomorrow and then on to 3 next week. I think I may start my patient profile homework now, so I don't have to worry about it over the weekend.


At 00:38, Blogger Kim said...

Welcome to nursing! Some days are diamonds - things go well, nothing of note occurs. Savor them in retrospect.
That's what I do! LOL! You can't savor them as they happen because something might happen any minute! LOL!

You seem SO ready to join the ranks...

At 15:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

recorded sign outs seem like a bad idea, esp since you can;t ask questions to clarify much less understand the first garbled message. but i guess it's important to balance good care with getting home and having a life.

At 20:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will be a great nurse!!

At 08:59, Blogger Jo said...

Thanks, I really hope so.

Dr C.
No kidding, I completely agree. they used to do verbal reports but the hospital figured this would be more time efficient as it's not taking both nurses away from the patient and there's no "extra" chatting.
But I wouldn't have had to listen 3 times if I had seen her face to face and asked her to clarify.

At 09:00, Blogger Jo said...



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