Jan 26, 2007

Texas Ice storm

I have absolutely no excuse for not blogging for awhile. I was snowed (Iced really) in last week and only worked one day. I should've blogged. I guess me and Ari were too busy playing in the ice and keeping warm.

Here in Texas we have roads not built for ice and drivers who shouldn't drive on ice. I think there were like 300-400 accidents last week.

The hospital went into "Code Ice, level II" That means everybody goes into 12 hour shifts and they need to stay the night. I didn't get there before the roads got bad so I was stuck at home. If they had gone to level 3 they would've sent police officers out to come get us. They did have child care set up but by the time they had a guaranteed set plan, the roads were too nasty. The day before my boss had only been "pretty sure they'll have something set up" and they were going to allow me and Ari to sleep on a stretcher in Daysurgery. Sounded too scary for Ari for me to risk our lives on the roads.

They need to have a better plan for these ice days.

As for this past week It was really good. We were well staffed and I had sweet patients. Everything ran smoothly. I only wish everyday went as smoothly. I'm getting my resume prepared to apply at the new hospital they are building like 5 mins from my home. It's the same company running it so I feel like I'm not really leaving my peeps. It doesn't open until early 2008 anyway. The commute will be nice.

Here's some pics of our ice storm:

Ice off my car

Same shot with a weird reflection cloud

My car doors were frozen shut

Ice on my car, about an inch and a half

The fun part, Ari and the neighbor kid
catching snowflakes in their mouths

Icicles on my house


At 16:01, Blogger Unemployed Nurse Jack said...

Close to home is a definite perk. Another location of the hospital family is about 10 minutes from my house, but I imagine there is a lot of competition for not too many nursing positions. I don't know what I'm going to do yet in the fall, but I do know it will not involve a cross-town drive.

At 06:01, Blogger NurseWilliam said...

Here in Texas we have roads not built for ice and drivers who shouldn't drive on ice.

I could say the same thing about Washington. In fact, I have.


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