Jan 13, 2007

Stressing the body

I'm making myself post at least once a week.

It's hard to come up with a topic because I either lack an interesting experience or I'm too overwhelmed with experiences to pick just one to write about. (and remember clearly)

I worked only 3 days this week because Ari is suffering big time from a nasty sinus infection and Pharyngitis thanks to the ugly Cedar monster that has enveloped this area of Texas. My friend, Student Nurse Jack has eloquently written a funny post about that.

My paychecks suffer when Ari's sick or when I get cancelled. Cancelled is what we call it when we are overstaffed with nurses and someone gets called at 0430 in the morning to be told to stay home for the day. We take turns and it's been happening to everyone at least twice a month. I'm annoyed by it later but at 0430 I'm always happy to hear I can fall back asleep under the covers all snugly.


I'm stressed out.
Stress does funny things to me. I feel it in my bones and joints. I don't sleep well at all and I get headaches. I get heartburn at night. I have a skin thing called Pompholyx a.k.a. Dyshidrotic Dermatitis on my hands. That flares up pretty bad when I'm stressed. (Yes I realize the dangers of having this at work...especially on my unit....I wash my hands a lot...keep them dry....and cover any of the blisters with Tegaderm when I need to)

Am I stressed right now? I don't know. Mentally I feel fine but all these little body alerts are telling me I am.

So I take benadryl to sleep and for the itchy hands.
Tums for the heartburn, Aleve for the headaches and joint aches. I medicate.
medicate. medicate.

What am I stressed about you ask?
Beats me. I would say every thing's going OK. Sure the job is tough right now but getting easier for me to handle...I'm adapting. And I still love it.
My daughter is healthy and happy.
I have a roof over my head and the rent is paid and the bills are slowly but surely getting paid. I have great friends and people who love me.
Still....Yet..... here I am at 1 am blogging with itchy hands, heartburn, and my hips and ankles are killing me right now.
And I can't really think of anything else to write about.



At 19:32, Blogger MomThatsNuts said...

Hey~ Long time no see! my fault I got a new job and I have also been stressed. My stress is 100% husband related though. I am working for a hospice here in Phoenix, I am doing office work for now, but may take some call on the weekends as a CNA. I had signed up for some classes this semester, then husband pitched a fit about how much it was going to cost, so I dropped them. I wont do that again. Anyhow, just wanted to come by and see how you were doing and say HI...so HI!!


At 14:44, Blogger overactive-imagination said...

Maybe it's the time of year. Alot of people suffer from Christams letdown. You know...the whole few months spent getting ready for one day and then *poof* it's gone in a mere few hours. Plus this time of year we tend to have a lot of gloomy grey days. Who knows but I hope yo pull out of it. Hugs to you.

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At 08:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jo! I'm battling the stress thing too. I agree with overactive-imagination about the Christmas letdown and the grey days. The holidays are such a blur that I think we can barely feel stressed - in January, we seem to have TIME to feel it. Just my humble opinion. Hang in there. Drink a cup of hot tea and put your feet up.

At 12:07, Blogger Andrew said...

I'm with you about the stress thing. You described it well. I'm also in that position of everything being hunky-dory for the most part, but feeling like I'm in a state of constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

At 10:09, Blogger the_smithers said...

im not stressed as far as i know but i get this thing on my hands and toes also as well as heartburn.

I think theres something more to this than stress, Im going to investigate but I think it may be the anti acid things Im taking that causes the bumps on my hands.

At 16:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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