Dec 28, 2006


Windfall woman asked in the comments if I had floated away. I haven't, but sometimes wish I had. Ha Ha.

Actually it's been a really good week. I had the Seizure unit. Called EMU, Epileptic Monitoring Unit. It's a unit within my unit, 2 monitored beds set up for EEG to monitor Brain waves for seizures in patients who have been having them for some unexplained reason or their seizures have changed, etc. etc.

When we have the seizure patients we are only allowed to have 3 patients. 1 Seizure patient and 2 regular medicine patients. The reason for that is the EEG they are hooked up to will alarm if it detects seizure activity (unfortunately it also detects head scratching, chewing, coughing, talking on the phone, etc.)

When the alarm buzzes, we have to run in to make sure it's not a seizure every time.
When my unit has got a good team working this is a great gig.
When I'm in one of my other 2 patients rooms, or the med room, or the supply room, and the alarm sounds, any of my good co-workers will poke their head in for me and check on the patient.
That's how it went for the last 2 days.
Those were great days.And that's how it goes ANY day for ANY one who has that assignment.

Today was an exception. I had a charge nurse with a bad attitude who admittedly didn't feel well yell at me for not staying at the monitor. She yelled at me 3 times.
Each time I was with my other 2 patients. My seizure patient never had a seizure, it was always just a false alarm.
But instead of poking her head in for me she yells at me.

That 3rd time I yelled back. (For me, yelling isn't yelling.....Really) I sarcastically (as is my fashion) asked her what I was supposed to do with my other 2 patients and stated that it was impossible for me to do my job if I had to sit outside this room all day.

She told me I needed to tell someone when I left that spot.

So I did just that.....(I can be passive aggressive at times) Everytime I walked away to the bathroom, the med room, the supply room, into another patient's room, I yelled out loud to her at the nurse's station.
Example " I'm going to the bathroom...Somebody please listen for the alarm!"

I did that soooooo many times that I think she and everyone else was tired of hearing my updates. Although some of my fellow nurses thought it was comical and that she deserved it.
Could have saved her that headache if she had only been willing to poke her head in on my patient for me occasionally.

Onto other news...Change of Shift is up today. Go check it out!


At 12:07, Blogger overactive-imagination said...

She sounds like a major bitch. Do all the nurses in the unit rotate charge. That's how they've all done it on the units that I've rotated in and it seems whoever was charge each day felt like it was their day off. Just curious.
I would have been cracking up at your updates. She deserved it.

At 21:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that nurse was mine when I was in the hospital.


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