Aug 26, 2005

Insane and scary dream

I took a nap yesterday while Ari was at school. I'm not usually a nap taker, it's just that we're getting used to a new schedule and I was unusually tired from a week of less then 6 hours sleep a night.
Anyway, I had a very bizarre, weird and kinda scary dream. It's also unusual for me to remember my dreams. Research says most people dream every time they sleep, some remember some don't. I RARELY remember. It was so striking that I jotted the details down as soon as I woke up.
Before I describe I have to make one thing clear. My dreams as I remember them are always very choppy. Like watching a movie preview. It's scene after scene and doesn't flow or always make sense.
My dream was set in a type of Tower like mall. I felt lost in it. It all surrounded a huge spiral staircase and on the way up were stores, restaurants, stages and theaters. I know for sure that one store was a Hastings-like book and record store that had an attached restaurant. Mike worked in it and I was there to visit him. (I should note here that this was only my 3rd dream remembered about Mike since he died. In it, he points me out to some friendly old lady customers and then takes a break. We cuddle and kiss, he tells me that he loves me and that all I remember about Mike's part in the dream, but Mike seemed happy and looked really youthful and healthy. Going on along the staircase there's also theaters set up with shows and there's a telethon going on as well. I come to one theater and there is a huge African American family all of them dressed in green sitting around a theater just visiting with each other. There was a priest or reverend with them and they seemed to be waiting for someone like a guest of honor. It is at this point in the dream that I look around at the "shoppers" in the "mall" and realize that they are all dead. Nothing screams dead about them, I just somehow know. Also for some odd reason Keanu Reeves was one of them. (I think he must of snuck in there as part of my lonely If he dies anytime soon though, I'm going to fall over. Anyway but everyone else is deceased. Another point I remember was that at one time a huge surge of people passed me on the staircase and crushed me against the banister. I remember it hurt and sucked the wind out of me but no harm done.
Also, next to the Hastings type place was a restaurant that sold "Fish nuggets" and a type of farmer's market. (Maybe my new lower cholesterol diet was responsible for that?)
Anyway, the dream ended after that & I woke up with a yucky feeling, which is why I wrote it down.
Anyone wanna play Freud and offer some interpretations?

Aug 20, 2005

Amazing Tori

As most of you know I'm a big fan of Tori Amos. I get to go see her on the 2nd. I was just playing around with some Tori sites and came across the following Quiz. I thought my result was quite ironic."

*Professional Widow Faerie*
You are Professional Widow Faerie! You don't take
anyone's shit. You are strong and beautiful and
can be dangerous as well. Check out this song
to find your own personal meaning.

~Which Tori Amos Faerie Are You~
brought to you by Quizilla

Aug 18, 2005

Bad Tardy Mommy!

Ari's second day of school and guess what I did....I slept in! I set the alarm last night but must have forgotten to turn it to auto, it didn't go off. I was however surprised and pleased with myself AND Ari for getting her there so quickly. Ari woke me up at 8:45, I threw off the covers, grabbed Ari's clothes and told her to get dressed, I got dressed while Ari did, Ran a brush through mine and Ari's hair...(It really is necessity, my hair is very much like Bride of Frankenstein meets Hiroshima in the mornings) and ran out the door. We were walking into her class at 9 am sharp, she only missed a half an hour. Her teacher was concerned but not upset and I found out it doesn't count as a tardy until after 10 am.
I still felt really guilty.
I recorded scrubs tonight, so I'm off to watch it...awesome show. I'm really, really peeved it isn't on
NBC's fall schedule.(Revelations too...I was getting into that one and it was a huge cliff hanger!) It better not be cancelled.

Aug 17, 2005

Mama, stop talking !

Well, Ari's a big school girl now. Her first day of pre-K was today. It was supposed to be yesterday but paperwork was not filed, someone in admin. has no brain, and the school has idiotic policies. So she started a day later then everyone else.
I remember when I started kindergarten. I cried. Not throwing myself at the door, attaching myself to my mother's leg crying...Just got a little scared and teary. So when I went to drop off Ari this morning I saw the same scenario in a couple of other kids. But not in my Ari. Ari went up to Mrs. Menn, gave her a hug, asked to use the computer ( Yes, they have computers in pre-k!) with some other little girl and started ignoring me. I chatted with teacher for a few, asked Ari for a hug, said I was leaving and she said " Ok...see ya!" (Don't let the door hit ya on .....)
I'm so glad I've raised a confident, social, sweet child....But at least a frown or two couldn't have hurt. lol. She at least acted like she missed me when I picked her up.
On the way home I'm interrogating her with a ton of questions about her day which she gave one word responses to. By the time we pulled out of the parking lot, she said "Mama, Stop talking!".
That shut me up and I realized that this day was a way bigger deal for me then it ever was for her. Ah well, I at least took pictures.

Ari's first day

Fall 1980 --Jamie and me on my first day...I was a creepy little goober, eh..... maybe Jamie more so. I love that Muppets lunch box!

Aug 13, 2005

School and Movie

Ari and I went to a "Back to school BBQ" parent's night at her new school. She starts Pre-K on Tuesday. I am so thankful she gets to go, since we fall under the income bracket...There is afterall a big bonus to being a poor struggling Nursing student. We met her teacher, a Mrs. Menn. She was so sweet, Ari and her hugged when they first met, she seems very sweet and compassionate.
She told me she's been teaching pre-k, Kindergarten, and 1st grade for over 30 years. I'm very optimistic about Ari's 1st year.
Ari's spending the weekend with Mom this weekend. I just finished cleaning my house and decided earlier to have a last minute garage sale tomorrow. I had already piled and organized all I wanted to sell weeks ago. All I had to do was run to the store and pick up labels and a sign. I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight, I want to be out there at 5:30 getting ready. People around here show up too damn early and they were waiting for us at the curb last time at 6am!
tomorrow night I plan to see a movie with my Garage sale money...Maybe Charlie and the chocolate factory or the Skeleton Key.
On the subject of Horror movies, I'm really into Japanese horror lately. I saw The Eye last year at a friend's request and liked it. Then of course there was Ringu and Ju-on. There's one coming out called Premonition that looks really good. I saw Infection this week which had high suspense but some pretty bad acting and I didn't quite GET the ending. It was worth the rental though.

Aug 7, 2005

Intresting picture

This pic I took of Ari and my father-in-law at the beach is kinda eerie.
If this is a pic of a ghost, then it would probably be Mike seeing as the situation of his father and daughter collecting seashells on the beach might bring him there.
It does look like a figure doesn't it?